Through our waveseeker program we create the space to explore what a purpose-driven life looks like. Give yourself the time to think and feel what it is that matters most to you. Examine old patterns and personal narratives, reflect on what’s lighting you up right now and where you’re meeting resistance in your life.

We dive deep into what happens when we think and act with open minds and hearts, and what it takes to create a future where “social good” isn’t just an add-on.

Through the practice of experiential learning (where the sea and surf becomes our teacher and playground!), we encourage trust, vulnerability, confidence and authenticity that helps us remain in awe of life’s journey.

We focus on the process of how to move from idea to inspiration to action.

3 – 7th May 2018, 4 nights, 16 waveseekers.


Are you seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection?

Do you love new ideas, creative exploration, being immersed in nature and the ocean, spending time with a small group of inspiring like-minded people?

Do you wish to expand your explorative mindset?

Do you want to better understand how to move from idea to impact more fluidly?

Are you facing or experiencing resistance that is blocking your flow?

If any of this resonates, then hit the apply button below !

Space limited to 16 people.


What others say

The retreat helped me find my tribe. Looking back, I can trace several of the projects and adventures that I have embarked on this year, directly to those connections forged in Portugal last year.Jonny Miller, Tribe Leader at Escape the City
The greatest impact is the highly engaged group of doers. It has been a completely fulfilling experience, with projects and actions of change steaming forward and becoming bigger than ourselves, with the help and support of many in this group.Saskia Rysenbry, Designer
I carry the experience of the connections I made with the sea and the people I met from the retreat every day. A constant reminder to me of why we do what we do and how we can stay connected is something I am eternally grateful for.Mykim Dang, Full Stack Creator | Director of Video @ America's Test Kitchen