At our wavemaker retreat we recognise that change doesn’t happen overnight, and that it requires more than passion alone. We believe it takes collaboration, good energy and a smart strategy. We want to do more than simply inspire you. We want you to walk away with a clear plan of action, a strategy and a support network to make it happen.

Find yourself surrounded by like-minded change-makers, with common threads but different ideas. Similar values but diverse experiences. Through the practice of experiential learning (where the sea and surf becomes our teacher and playground!), we dive deep on the issues that matter most to us, challenge the way we think, uncover where we meet resistance and find flow in how we live and lead.

Tune out distractions and tune in to what is essential. Refocus your energy, challenge your blindspots, create a perspective-shift, allow creative insights to emerge.

10 – 14th May 2018, 4 nights, 16 wavemakers.


Are you a purpose-driven leader, founder or wave maker?

Do you have an existing project or clear concept you wish to dive more deeply into?

Do you love new ideas, creative exploration, being immersed in nature and the ocean, spending time with a small group of inspiring like-minded people?

Do you feel the need for greater accountability and support?

You love making waves! (aka making change happen, disrupting the status quo, amplifying action for positive impact)

If any of this resonates, then we hit the apply button below !

Space is limited to 16 people.

€795 per person
(includes accommodation, food, airport transfers, all activities & equipment hire)


What others say

It gave me time out to reassess work, life and prioritise myself momentarily.
The greatest surprise to me was how others are going through similar challenges and it is ok to ask for help. The connections and friendships are the best outcome. Life long friends were made that week. Can’t wait to do it again…
Nick Hounsfield, founder of The Wave
It opened a door to a new world of possibilities and potential. I found another tribe outside of my usual tribe and this has made all the difference. The cross-fertilisation of ideas, thoughts, and sharing new experiences has enriched my life. It has truly been a wave of change for growth. And it’s only the beginning.

Martin McGeough, Founder and Director of Firefly
I loved being part of a community that had this loosely common thread (water and for some, surfing itself) but who were working in such different areas. There was a lot of diversity of where we came from, the projects we are inspired by, the adventures we were embarking on. I think the magic happens at that intersection of diversity.

On a super practical note, as a facilitator and coach myself, I really enjoyed being introduced to new tools that I could use both personally and professionally. Andi Cuddington, Organisational Development Coach