A global gathering of 16 leaders, founders, wave-makers and seekers from around the world.

We’re really curious about what it takes to make waves, what it means to be a good leader and how to do good better. We love to explore how we might build a global community of exceptional, passionate wave-makers who inspire and empower each other to create a more beautiful world.

Using surfing as an immersive and experiential journey, we explore how to make waves of change at the World Surfing Reserve in Ericeira, Portugal.

Join us for 5 days and 4 nights by the sea, on a thoughtfully curated, peer-driven learning journey with a diverse mix of individuals from business, public and social worlds who share our values for social good.

What you can expect

No lectures. No pitching. No distractions.

This is a unique opportunity to explore, share, create, collaborate in a playful environment through an immersive and experiential learning process. A process that creates the space & energy to dive deep on doing good better.

Through our retreats we share the positive impact of leaning into what we love in order to help others, we explore what happens when we think and act with open minds and hearts and what it takes to create a future where “social good” isn’t just an add-on.








experiential learning

What our retreats look like

Innovative and Impact focused – The sea and surf as a living metaphor for overcoming challenge, embracing change & creating breakthrough impact.

Peer-driven, co-learning approach – Drop assumptions. Express yourself authentically. Listen. Share. Feel connected.

Creative, nourishing and playful – We create time for you to play in the ocean. Be in nature. Unwind. Reflect. Eat amazing local food. Stretch. Grow.

Understand how to do good better. Think big. Be bold.

Wavemaker Retreat

17-21 October 2021

At our wavemaker retreat we recognise that change doesn’t happen overnight, and that it requires more than passion alone. We believe it takes collaboration, good energy and a smart strategy. We want to do more than simply inspire you. We want you to walk away with a clear plan of action, a strategy and a support network to make it happen.

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I now look, listen and feel the salt water in a different light. Occasionally taste and smell too! All my senses are heightened by the power and serenity that the ocean offers humanity. It’s a metaphor for life and connecting this to social change initiatives created by energetic and enthusiastic people inspired me to learn and contribute.
Martin McGeough, Founder & Director | Firefly

Where & when

Staying at Casa Paco D’Ilhas, in Ericeira, Portugal
– Home to the World Surfing Reserve. 30 minutes from Lisbon Airport.

INCLUDES : 4 nights shared accommodation, full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), airport transfers, co-facilitation, daily meditation/movement practice, personal inquiry & peer-driven learning, ‘open space’ group workshops, special excursions to amazing places (Flights not included).

We believe in the power of connection that comes from in-person gatherings and being immersed in a creative space.
We also have an awareness and respect for our environment in all that we do, so we’ve partnered with Hometree to carbon offset our retreats.

Our team

Easkey Britton Ph.D

What’s lighting you up right now?

Diving deep into the power of letting go of what no longer serves me and trusting in the process.

Founder of Like Water, Easkey is a pioneering big-wave surfer and marine social scientist specialising in ocean and human health. Her work explores the relationship between people and the sea, using her passion for the ocean to create social change and connection across cultures. Easkey’s parents taught her to surf when she was four years old and her life has revolved around the sea ever since. A graduate from THNK’s Creative School of Leadership, Easkey is passionate about facilitating creative and collaborative processes for future leaders. Currently a research fellow at National University of Ireland researching ‘blue space’, or how water environments are good for our for health and wellbeing.

Carolina Pereira

What’s lighting you up right now?

Innovating with purpose-driven people and communities to change the world better.

Carolina Pereira is a human-centered designer, believing that global citizens can use a holistic way forward to address the seemingly intractable worldwide problems.

Founder of MY Destiny, #ChangingTheWorldThroughSurf, with educational programs turning kids into changemakers – running in Indonesia, Portugal, Brazil, Panama and India. Carolina believes elements of surfing have the potential to ground human beings in a uniquely meaningful way.

HeForShe (UN Women’s movement for gender equality) advocate, promoting gender equality in everything she does and understanding how it is a precondition for sustainable development.

Founder of the Global Goals Boat, a collaborative boat designed for changemakers to end poverty, fight inequality, and tackle climate change.

Linzi Hawkin

What’s lighting you up right now?

Exploring if nature is the best prescription for the human condition, and how best we can use business as a force for good.

Linzi is a brand strategist, ocean advocate & entrepreneur. Her work lies at the intersection of sustainability & creativity. She’s passionate about finding innovative ways to create impact.

She’s the founder of Protect Blue, an ocean focused agency with 15 years of experience in environmental education, sustainability, brand strategy & storytelling. Guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with a mission is to create measurable impact for life below water.

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